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Springfield IL Area Tree Trimming

As a resident of central Illinois, there’s a good chance you have some large, old trees on your landscape. Likely some that are in need some tree trimming TLC! This is particularly true with some of the older residential areas of Springfield. Long ago, (think 1950’s) local real estate developers had a tendency to plant primarily fast-growing trees. They did so in an attempt to quickly add some personality, calm and shade to a recently built, brand new neighborhood.

Need a good example? Think of the Leland Grove area, Jerome, or any of Springfield’s “historic west side” neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are packed full of Sycamores, Birch Trees and Chinese Elms. Why? Because they grow fast! Sometimes 6 feet per year, depending on the type of tree! Good for quickly sprucing up a new Springfield neighborhood! A big headache for homeowners (you) nearly 60-70 years later. Everything comes with tradeoffs…

You’re now left with the responsibility of maintaining these giant trees. Regular tree trimming plays a large role in many facets of proper tree care. Are you familiar with the 3 primary benefits of pruning your trees? We’ll go over them below so follow along!

Tree Pruning for Safety’s Sake in Central Il

Nothing describes central Illinois culture better than our deep commitment to family and tradition. It’s what separates us from the hustle and bustle of big city life. With that love for family, naturally, family safety is a big concern for us here. One of the simplest things we can do to rectify that concern, is to make sure our children, property and neighbors are safe from the hazards of dangerous trees.

Falling Debris: The most obvious safety concern with large, old trees is falling branches and other debris. Dead or dying branches never fall at a convenient time. They can however, fall at better times than others. Rather than instructing your family and neighbors to stay away from your tree indefinitely, and praying that it doesn’t target a passing vehicle, or person, give us a call for a free safety check.

Ground Debris: Aside from the obvious tripping hazards ground debris can bring about for your family, another often overlooked problem is its tendency to attract bugs. Certain insects LOVE to make their home (and dinner) within the bowels of your old trees. and debris scattered around the tree base acts just like a “vacancy” sign on a motel to these hungry critters. Once these pests get settled in, your tree is now on it’s way to a premature death, making our first safety concern of falling debris even more pronounced and urgent.

Overhead Obstructions: Trees growing into power lines and other cables are a very big safety problem here in central Illinois. A vast majority of all power outages in our area are caused by overgrown trees making their way into power cables. A strong wind and a weak tree branch is all that stands between a live power line and your front yard. If you have any issues of overgrown trees getting into overhead cables, call your power company first. They will generally trim the tree back enough for free. DO NOT ATTEMPT to trim it yourself. If your power provider won’t come out, give us a call. We’d be happy to take a look for you.

Branch Thinning: When your trees become too “full” with branches and leaves they effectively become a sail.  Just like on a boat! When a strong wind comes along it will make it much easier to blow that large old tree right into your house or garage if you’re lucky, and right onto pedestrians in the worst case scenario!

Trimming Trees for Cosmetics & Beauty

A gorgeous home or business landscape just isn’t complete without an array of nicely pruned trees! It’s one of the first “wow” factors many people will notice if properly maintained. It’s also one of the first “yuck” factors people will notice if it’s not!

Uniformity of tree size across your property can and will help tremendously in the outward appearance of your yard. Though not always possible, we can try our best to accommodate and leave your yard the envy of your neighbors in the process! Who doesn’t want that?!

Tree Trimming for Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An ounce of prevention is worth a….yada yada yada. We’ve all heard the cliches of preventative maintenance before, but when it comes to large, old Springfield IL trees, it couldn’t be more true!

Sometimes referred to as “dead-wooding,” the pruning process of removing dead and dying branches from your tree can have a real, lasting positive effect for decades to come.

When your tree has many dead or dying branches, those branches have quite the detrimental effect. They siphon off nutrients in an attempt to stay alive, that would be better utilized in other (still living) areas of the tree. When properly implemented, trimming away this dead material ensures that your trees root system is using it’s resources effectively.  That being, to grow new, healthy branches instead of wasting them on fighting off disease and pests.

Hopefully this article does a sufficient job in explaining the primary benefits of tree trimming here in central Illinois. We could go on and on with various reasons, but we might run out of internet! If you have any questions we can answer, reach out to us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much for dropping by!

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